It takes so much out of me to pretend

That I just want to simply be friends.

The days are long when you’re gone, and I feel alone

Each day is gray like a sad love-song

Won’t you please come home.

In my arms is where you belong.

I try so hard just to make believe

You mean nothing

But deep inside these feelings stir

Into something.

I look at everything that is beautiful

But everything else just points back to you

My mind is made up, It’s not meant to be

Our time has passed on

in this unforgiving reality.

Cloudy morning I wake up starving

I miss the scent that leaves me wanting

Just a moment with you lost in your eyes

Embraced in forever with you at my side.

How can I ever get over this,

When explosive thoughts paint a bitter-sweet kiss?


As I follow each graceful movement

Your bangs like waterfalls frame the beauty

Of your angelic face

Your lips so full of honeysuckle taste

Continue to remain a mystery

Your eyes like gleaming stars brings ecstasy

Your soft skin I long to caress

With every fingertip against your flesh.

I’m left with the painful realization

That you and I have to say goodbye

Every time that clock’ hand hits five

Everything in me instantly dies.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Something I just wrote out of my head..

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