America's Dark Secret

What’s up with these finances?

Banking with America only enhances,

My chances of circumstances that quickly

Bring down my deteriorating finances.

Poverty rate goes high while funds hit an all time low.

Homeless, like outcasts walking barefoot in the snow.

People hungry to eat, living, dying, sleeping on the street.

Government’s trying to put the money-less on welfare

But in truth, behind closed doors they really don’t care.

They discriminate against us, conspiring to gain trust

Blindly robbing us each time we entrust our bank accounts go bust.

Then they say, “what’s the big fuss?”

Aren't they civilians just like us?

How are we supposed to believe words thrown into the wind?

When they aspire to become lying, well dressed politicians.

Taking up all of our hard earned currency,

Saying they need it for WAR ON TERROR, it’s an Emergency!

Or, Commercialize they want to feed the afflicted, poor and the needy

Who are dying of starvation ovearseas, “So let’s not be greedy”

pay higher taxes and send in your donation

to their organized charity and Foreign Nations.

I see the poor and afflicted Americans

right outside my door like Veterans who fought

for an unworthy War now filled with indignation.

Dragging their feet and selling themselves like whores in desperation.

They Implore outside the Whitehouse mansion door,

"Give us a crumb from your Gold tiled dining floor."

Still they don’t want to see,

as they blind themselves of our poverty

with their riches and higher class of humanity.

Kid’s selling drugs, toting guns, barely hitting puberty.

What more do these great politicians want to see?

We’re hopeless in this country of the Land & of the Free.

More like the land of Cowards & Hypocrisy!

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A Deteriorating Nation

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