Memories still Vivid

My memories are still vivid, her face so angelic, her discipline so metallic, always keeping me in line. Yet her voice was sweet and comforting when she spoke, my heart for her so easily broke. The sadness is unbearable with every thought of her. The days are not as bright as they once were, but a trickle of light shines down when her humor is remembered. These melancholy feelings creep up without warning, her lips brush lightly against my cheek, she could always rock me gently to sleep. She still can make my heart pound deep, make my tears dry and my eyes weep. I choke at thinking of how we once held each other, her loving arms so strong, yet so fragile and tender. She made me feel welcomed, and cherished. She’d hold my hand and smile, and when I couldn’t sleep, she’d stay a while. She was a work of art with no blemish. She held me when I was sad and desperate, and she always prayed by my side and dried my eyes when they were wet. She is the reason why I am alive, why my fond thoughts of her never disperse. She was my angel, and now it seems with her gone I’ve been cursed. She made me see the brighter things in life; she was what I wanted in a wife. She cradled me in her loving arms, and when the storm came she whispered, “do not be alarmed” and my fear would vanish. She tucked me in so sweetly, kept my life organized so neatly. I miss her so madly; I would give up my life for her so gladly. Heaven is lucky to have her, to marvel at her Wonder. Each night I long for her sweet embrace that can never be replaced, and just once more to look at her angelic face that I cannot easily erase.

Mother, your love and lessons are embedded in my heart. Forever, and always they will never part.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to my mom, and all moms.

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