Life is so Vicious

I don’t know what it is

This feeling has got me

Crushing me constantly

Making me lose consciousness

In this irrational world of insanity

And I can’t even concentrate

My emotions just become pure hate

My mind is in such a bad state

Of Depression, in constant repression

I need a confession

Or an exorcism

Out of hell’s prison

That binds me

Intertwines me

I can not find me

This is something I’ve tried to ignore

This feeling erupting inside my core

Dropping me till I want no more

I’m falling face down to an asphalt floor

Deep inside I’m screaming

Why this pain has no healing?

I’d rather end my life now

Than to go on feeling.

My breath, death is stealing.

My dark side becomes revealing.

I’m drowning from emotions so astounding

Faceless people frowning

In this world so complex it’s compelling.

No one cares to hear me when I’m yelling!

Love on the streets like a drug is selling.

Manufactured emotions are best selling.

My fallen state of mind just gets worse

I’m cursed

I was never born but unearthed

Made in an image so perfect

But in me life and death conflict

Should I end it

being poetic?

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