Kill me...

Kill me, don’t hesitate; Kill me deeply with all of your misplaced  hate.

Sink your knife deep in me, no remorse this is fate.

Bring my life to a sudden and painless state.

Don’t quit till my mind  you’ve slaughtered, and raped.

Bring me flowers to my grave, bring me Opera to my wake.

Dig the knife deep in me and purge me from my sin.

Kill me over, and over again as if you were my closest

and backstabbing friend.

Press your lips against mine with the kiss of death,

Rob me quickly from my very last breath.

Set the life force in me free to escape this madness.

I’m constantly draped by this deep cancer of sadness,

Kill me sweetly, and lay me down to rest,

Kill me quickly, with no guilt or regrets.

Bury me deep into the earth, where I can't be found

Do it quietly, so as not to make a sound

Remember me with a prayer, and walk away forever,

I’ll finally rest from this world that hates without measure.

John Paul Salinas

Copyright ©2003 John Paul Salinas

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