My Father

In my hardest of moments you were there - in prayer.

My tears would run endless and my fears were unclear.

You preached of salvation, and God's way of redemption,

from the book of Genesis to the book of Revelation.

Your words from the pulpit would heal my broken spirit,

and my wounds that were salted became cured in an instant.

There were days I felt so low, and didn't have anywhere to go.

I would listen to your sermon taped from years ago.

I longed for my father, he barely even raised me,

but you were all I had that I saw as my spiritual dad.

So many times I felt to approach you, and cry in your arms,

my heart would be bleeding from this world that does harm.

I was afraid to come near you and disappoint you with my life.

I've stumbled many times, and backslid from the light.

But you've never looked at me with eyes of judgement and disgust.

I know your love is from God, and in you I could trust.

I will never forget the love you have for me,

and each day you pray as I pray for you.

You're an angel in this earth guiding me through.

You'll remain like my father and I like your son,

thank you for believing in me to overcome.

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Excellent Poem