The Morning After..

Saturday, September 21, 2002

The morning after, I heard the bombs of destruction - disaster. Armageddon is at my front door, Bin Laden, and Hussein with their armies raging war. Bullets flying passed me, just barely missing me. My body shakes uncontrollably, something’s taking over me, I’m choking on my fear, explosions, and lost limbs everywhere. Chaos as far as your eye can see, people dying right in front of me. The world is on its’ knees, ashes scattered in the air and the sky is scarred with smoke and debris, I lose my breath, as I feel the cold grip of death. Enemies all around me, surround me, my life is flashing before me, my family and friends can’t die without me. America’s under attack, politicians smoking crack, the U.S. government on the verge of a major heart attack.

The button of annihilation about to be pressed in desperation, destroying all the worlds’ free and enslaved nations.

People who were on welfare,  homeless people like fanfare spread everywhere, no bomb shelter for them, they died out in the open, no HMO’s, no PPO’s or lawyer’s to defend them, fighting for their lives, their Country, and that right they call Freedom. No more future for us, no more “In God We Trust”.

What has this world come to, why are the bombs over us?

The morning after, no cries, no screams of laughter, no whispering voices, or muttered sounds of chatter. The world has silenced completely. No wind or breeze rustling in the Spring leaves. My knees are getting weak at the deafening silence, and the eerie sight of earth’s final breath, no more alliance. Destruction covers it with grim and death. Broken bodies everywhere, burnt to ashes, black and bare. Armies that marched to fight a losing battle, died like a herd of starving cattle. Morning after like a nightmare that never ends, that is becoming real, faster and faster. Heart pumping, blood shooting, mind blowing, life altering, destruction – disaster.

The Morning After...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Well, what can I tell you about this piece.. Just that it scared me to write it.

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Shaketa Copelin's picture

Wow...this piece was SO real. It reminded me of a piece I
wrote called, When the World I wrote that piece
I had shed many tears, it was that dark and painful.
I really ejoyed reading this, but it still shakes me to know that one day something quite similar to this or much
worse will happen.