Man Eater

Entranced with her lurid deep eyes, that simply disguise her thoughts about you that deeply despise your sexual gender, she has you like a fly trapped in a spiders web from April to December. Still she deceives you with her smile and sexy walk. She beckons you with her graceful gesturing movements and her angelic whispered talk. Even if you don't offend her, she'll strangle you with her bare hands and make you constantly remember all your lies and mistakes from last September, so you can't contend with her. She'll bring you to a quick death, with her poisoned apple red lips and luring eyes, she is no doubt satan in desguise; she'll  swallow the last of your breath, with one quick gasp, you're in her deadly grasp as   She gives you a  Passionate kiss, presses deep against your paled lips, with no one around to witness, making your mind shatter, and your soul scream, "What is THIS"? Your knees are weak, and nothing seems to matter. She seduces your senses with her sweet deadly kiss, only making you wish you could simply resist. She caresses your limp, lifeless body, and without regret she sucks the last drop of life from you, and whispers in your ear "I love you" as death greets you out the door into the next.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote it because women can eat you alive and spit you out dead.

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Shaketa Copelin's picture

You wrote it and wrote it well. This was truly an amazing poem. You captured the heart of a woman very well, though, all of us do not behave in this manner all the time. But trust that we have done it at least once. Still, I enjoyed the descriptions and the realness of your poem. Thanks for sharing.