More than words...

In my dreams I see you, and I can't stop visualizing the kiss  from your crimson red lips..
It seems that I need you more than words can describe. I can't go on without seeing the smile you give without regret, to hear your voice so soft, and angelic as it can get.
I am lost in your eyes each time I look into them, and intoxicated with your kiss is my reaction as your lips touch mine with explosive passion.
If I could have you in my arms for just one moment, and press my lips against the nape of your neck, I would lose myself in retrospect, as I reminisce our last meeting so passionate.

In my dreams you make it moist &  wet, kissing me from navel to neck, caressing without losing respect, then bringing me to no regret.
Your breath is warm on me, heating me up casually, bringing me up rhythmically, holding onto this surreal fantasy. Are you feeling me, like I'm feeling you? I kiss the inside of your sweet palm, letting you know it's not all gone; this feeling that will bring you to your climatic sealing, then keep you coming back for more of my love healing.

These dreams of you they drive me to madness, looking in my soul no sadness,
Only for your absence, when you're not in my bed, I feel I'm living dead.
I'm overrun by Passion, Need and Want - infatuation. Can I have redemption, even if you were just a figment of my imagination.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to the person I fell in love with in 94

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Shaketa Copelin's picture

DAMN!! This was hot! It's so tight when a man can actually describe his feelings...I really felt this. I wonder are you still with this beautiful woman...