As she turned away, her eyes closing shut,

and my soul in pain longing to touch,

her soft and sweet crimson lips.

Her hair in curls, they bounced and they whipped.

Her seducing movements with those curvaceous hips.

My body inflamed by her sexy walk,

The grace in her movements, the voice in her talk.

The poison she left me she left me in shock,

Deeper the passion, weaker I got.

She smelled of sweet roses, and berries of wine,

She tasted of heavenly chocolate divine.

My addiction grew more as she gave me a taste,

Dressed in black silk, leather and lace.

Her subtle expression had me in possession,

Infatuated with this deep dark obsession.

The small of her lips, so smooth and so wet,

She kept my attention with her dance and her strip.

My eyes fixed on her, as she kept me in grip,

I was under her spell, she could easily tell,

There was no doubt I was between heaven and hell.

Obsessed in her poison, how quickly I fell.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this because it just came to me to write about an obsession with a woman, and it took me 5 minutes to write which was nice.

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