Mad Love

Madly in love

An illusion?

Like a transfusion

It’s in my bloodstream

As my inner soul screams

In need of just one touch from her

Just one smile

I’m flying high

A thousand miles

I can walk the distance if I have to

Just to look in her eyes

Lost till I’m found again

She has me under a love potion

Her perfumed notes have me addicted

But deep inside I’m conflicted

Should I believe such beautiful lies

Or the truth that will cause my demise?

Death inevitable, love so unpredictable

Passion unfolds with just one glimpse

Her smile outshines the sun, an eclipse.

Am I madly in love

Or just blinded with passion?


A fatal attraction, but more than this

Simply an imagined kiss


Just to watch her walking by me


I can watch her painlessly


The moment she walks out the door

And her face I can’t see anymore.


When I can’t reach to touch her


In this tragic love affair I suffer

Hoping this fades like an image, blurred.

Like a photographer

I capture her every essence

Her aura like a newborn sun

Illuminates my dark world


With every moment that escapes

Trying to alleviate

Feelings that make me contemplate

Far from hate

Mad in love

A curse of fate

Her crimson red lips

I’ll never taste..

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