I once worked for a principal who would stand up at staff meetings and attest

That in the entire county the staff at our school was the best.


He was transferred to another high school (he was a good collaborator)

And such is the way of destiny, I followed him 2 years later.


At the first staff meeting I attended he stood in front of us to attest

That in the entire county the staff at my new school was the best.


As I listened I was a bit confused; my thinking was undermined

For I thought the best staff in the county was at the school I left behind...


Each year Deborah and I share one Christmas present-we do this religiously.

Our tradition is to shop together and buy a 6 foot Frasier Fir tree.


As we head out to purchase our tree we are filled with anticipation

For we know the gift lies not in the tree itself, but in the decoration.


From the moment we open our storage bins and rediscover the ornaments they contain

It’s not just a simple trimming of the’s a trip down memory lane.


There is a special feeling about finding an old ornament time and time again

Holding it up and saying....Hey Deborah do you remember when....


Each ornament adds to the story of our life as we’ve watched our family grow

Most are significant only to us and carry meanings only we would know. 


We have ornaments that remind us of our children,”Hey, isn’t that Ryan’s baby shoe?”

There’s a photo of Ali and me, Bryan’s manatee and pickles for the grandchildren too.


There are ornaments from old friends, a few of Whitman: what a great dog!

And the ornaments of places we’ve been form a simple travelogue.


Each year when we’re finished trimming we have more than just a tree

There in the corner stands memories of our’s an album in 3-D!


When the tree is finished every year Deborah says, “Now you might think me mad,

But I’m sure this year, this tree, is the best we’ve ever had!”


As I stare at the tree and nod my agreement I think I can now attest

To understanding what that principal meant when he called both school staffs the best.


Last years tree was the best we ever this we can avow

But since then we have added a year of memories to her boughs.


So as wonderful as last year’s tree was it’s the new memories we’ve amassed

That make this year’s Christmas tree so much better than the last.


And I’m sure next year, as another year of memories to another Frasier fir we add


That tree too, will take it’s rightful place as the best Christmas tree we’ve ever had.

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