Dayna Morales, ever heard of her? I didn’t until just the other day

She’s a waitress in New Jersey who wasn’t tipped simply because she is gay.


Not because the service was poor, the food was awful or there was a long delay

No, Dayna didn’t receive a tip for the sole purpose...she is gay.


In lieu of a tip a note was left on the receipt right next to the butter knife

Saying I’m sorry I cannot tip you as I don’t agree with how you live your life.


It’s interesting to note Dayna hadn’t a clue and it was only after the service was complete

That she noticed the non-tippers cowardly message on the bottom of her receipt.


Not leaving a tip because someone is gay is as illogical, I surmise,

As not leaving a tip because you didn’t like her height...or the color of her eyes.


Dayna doesn’t have a choice of who she is anymore than you or than me

No, the only woman who had a choice in that restaurant chose ignorance and bigotry.

I do feel sorry for Dayna and the bigotry she endured I deplore

But in some ways, because of her ignorance, I feel sorry for the non-tipper more.


For I bet she didn’t know Dayna was a former marine who battled unselfishly

So every person, even the non-tippers, could live in a land that is free.


Of course that shouldn’t have mattered. Dayna did not deserve her enmity.

She deserved to be treated as a human being, with respect and dignity.


Isn’t that what we all wish for? It’s not such a lofty aim

For everyone, no matter who they are, to be treated exactly the same.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people were accepting of others and were kind just for kindness sake?


And just so you know Miss Non-Tipper, that’s a choice every one of us can make.

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