Being a grandparent in so many ways is a real plus.

Did you know there’s a holiday dedicated just to us?


35 years ago Marian McQuade decided to create

Grandparents Day, (which congress recognized in 1978).


26 years later a singer/songwriter came along

And wrote the lyrics and the music to the Grandparents Day song.


We even have our own flower, the forget-me-not, on which we can rely

I think that’s a dig on grandparents...but I can’t remember why.


At any rate this morning Aden and Ava’s elementary school

To celebrate Grandparents Day did something really cool.


They set aside some time for us to be together..and I must say.

It was a wonderful way to start any day.


On the tables in their cafeteria they provided books to read

And we dined on bagels, O.J. and lemon muffins with poppy seeds.


While Deborah and I sat there basking in our grandparental glow

Aden and Ava’s other grandparents soon began to show.


Then Ava and Aden’s cousins joined our growing little crew

(We love that both of them usually call us Nana and Pop Pop too)


Before we knew it we had 4 grandchildren and 6 grandparents in that room

That’s alot of love to go around...and alot of muffins to consume.


As we sent the grandkids off to class and were walking to our cars

We, the grandparents, realized just how lucky we all are.


And as we smiled and hugged and bid each other adieu

I realized our grandchildren are pretty lucky too.


For they’ll have so many grandparents however old they grow

To help them celebrate each and every day wherever they may go.


I hope every grandparent out there had a Grandparent’s Day as great

But I have to wonder...what did grandparents do before 1978?


Another smile crossed my face as Deborah and I drove away 

You see Deborah only took the morning off... I took the entire day.



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