Saga of a Writer

In 2001 I wrote a book about teaching and I was pretty sure

My book would be hailed as a work of art, a great piece of literature.


At that time I was ecstatic. “I’m a writer!” I declared

I knew I wrote a bestseller...and I’d soon be a millionaire.


So I followed my progress on Amazon awaiting my ultimate fate.

But it seems my bestseller never got past number 900,998.


I never got discouraged, never whimpered, never whined

At least I was ahead of the person who wrote number 900,999.


It seems my first predictions in hindsight were to bold

And I would have to put my dreams of wealth and fame on hold.


In my defense I thought my book great insights would reveal

And naively thought a book about my life would have a broad appeal.


But fame can be a fleeting thing and in the end, in truth, who needs it!

Besides it’s not enough to write a book...but people have to read it.


Yet when I think about my life, there’s no reason for dismay

For I have many reasons to count my blessings every day.


I have a family whom I adore, and they seem to like me too

No matter what the world throws at us, we’ll help each other through.


I have friends, I have my health and life seems to be following some plan

You see, I may not be a famous writer, but I am a lucky man.


Sometimes I am overwhelmed at the riches that have come my way

It seems the most important book we write is the one we pen each day.






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