Her dad was the kindest, gentlest man she ever knew…he was always humble…never mean…he could grow anything in his garden…he was born with his two thumbs…green.


He often told her the important lessons of life…those you really need to know…can be found by planting a garden and watching the flowers grow.


A garden teaches you to participate in life…that your seeds you have to sow…if you’re ever to enjoy a garden…if want to see your flowers to grow


A garden teaches you are not alone in life but part of an endless chain…that although a garden needs your care and love it also needs the sunshine and the rain.


A garden teacher patience…for once the seeds are planted…even when your love and encouragement is steady…every flower in the garden blooms only when it’s ready.


As she took the time to remember her father…while smiling…deep in thought…she remembered perhaps the most important lesson her father ever taught.


“Dad, that plant is so ugly.” She remembers saying. “That one growing up against the fence…it’s too stringy and it’s filled with thorns…planting it makes no sense.”


“It might not look like much now,” her dad said. “It may look a little awkward…it’s not growing very straight…but I can tell you from experience…some things are worth the wait.”


And so against her better judgement she waited…until one morning from the window of her room…she noticed on the top of that ugly plant…two roses in full bloom.


She ran up to her dad in the garden saying, “Dad…it’s so bizarre!

after all this time being ugly…how beautiful they are.”


Her dad smiled, nodded his head…then gently held her hand…

“I told you if you were patient”, he said…”one day you’d understand.”


He said, “Flowers are a lot like people…they can delight and they can beguile…

but their true beauty doesn’t shine through until the moment they choose to smile.” 

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