Sitting around a campfire recently I quickly became attuned…to the beauty of the nature surrounding me…to the trees…the stars…the moon.


The fire was truly fascinating…as I felt its warmth and watched its flames I realized with every one I’ve ever sat beside how no two fires are the same.


As I watched the flames of this fire grow higher, reaching to the sky…every now and then a flame would break away and, on its own, would fly…


I’d watch it slowly float up…up…up into the night…until it flew so high it faded from my sight.


And, as my eyes turned upward, my attention was quickly seized by the moon as she floated in the sky…smiling through the trees.


It was one of those moment is life…watching the fire…listening to the voices of family and friends…that I wished would last forever…

that I hoped would never end.


And when the flames had breathed their last…I smiled hoping the next campfire would come soon…giving me another chance to sit with family and friends…where the fire meets the moon.


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