There was a time when we were children

when we loved everyone…indiscriminately…

when we were pouring the foundation 

of who we, one day, hoped to be.


Mixed into the foundation

of who we hoped to be

were the beginnings of a dream

of the world we hoped to see.


When our foundation was completed…when it dried

there we hoped to find 

a house built on acceptance

on being loving, compassionate and kind.


But when we looked around us

at the diversity of our world…and of our nation

we found every house was not built 

upon the same foundation.


And we came to understand and appreciate

what many before us have known:

How every house, no matter the foundation

has a beauty all its own.


And so our dream amidst such diverse foundations 

is that everyone will come to find

a world that is accepting

that is loving, compassionate and kind.


Which is why, as adults, we are so sad today…

when we see so much hate

when we kill each other so indiscriminately…

and we wonder when did our world turned into

the world we never dreamed that it would be.

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