We don’t often think about it…but deep inside…we know

how we are a different person than we were a day ago.


Each new day brings new experiences that somehow find a way

to subtly change

or drastically alter…

who we were yesterday.


From the time we watch the sun rise until the time we see it set

our hair has grown another day longer…

perhaps a new person we have met


Perhaps we were courageous….

perhaps we overcame our fears

Perhaps we shared some laughter…

Perhaps we shed some tears…


Perhaps we witnessed a baby’s birth

or the first time one walked or talked…or cried.

Perhaps we held somebody’s hand 

the moment when they died. 


Perhaps we learned a little something…

Perhaps we realized there is still so much to know…

Perhaps we are a little wiser today…than we were a day ago.


And if we’re lucky that wisdom will seep into our souls 

our minds 

our hearts…

as we become a different person

when tomorrow starts.



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