You may think I am peculiar…you may think me a little odd

when I still say I am not religious but I do believe in God.


So let me share with you for a moment…a few qualities I’ve compiled

Of my god…the one I’ve been praying to…since I was but a child. 


My God is not prejudiced…not bigoted…my God does not discriminate

My God is a God of Love and sharing…my God will never not hate.


My God sees the differences in all of us…and these difference my God lauds

My God even gets along…with all the other Gods.


My God is a God of hope and faith…not a God of doom

My God instills that hope in every seedling…and has faith that every flower will bloom.


My God believes in charity, he knows the key for people to live

Is not in how much they take in life...but how much they give.


My God believes in love…knowing love shall light the way

My God cares not if I am straight, or Bi, or lesbian or gay.


My God knows no war is holy and like me prays for them to cease

My God believes in kindness…my God believes in peace.


My God has given me the ability to decide what is right and what is wrong

My God knows I’ll make mistakes for he knows my journey’s long.


My God only asks that I show kindness and treat everyone the same

so when I die people will smile at the mere mention of my name.


For nothing in this world would bring a broader smile to my God’s face

than knowing everyone my God created would leave this world a better place.


As you may surmise from this list of qualities I’ve compiled

The God whom I still pray to…is the God I prayed to as a child.


If you think that makes me peculiar

If you think that makes me odd

know I am oddly, peculiarly happy

In the comfort of my God.


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Cascade's picture

Your God is fine by me...and

Your God is fine by me...and I like peculiar and odd things Smile

Many blessings to you dear poet.

Stephen's picture

Interesting write.

Even if there is no God, I think we will create one in our own image to give us comfort.  --  Stephen

Starward's picture

Respectful question:  if we

Respectful question:  if we created a god in our own image, would it not be as flawed as we are, and as limited.  Such a god would be unable to create even a reeking stench, let alone the Cosmos.  The god of our own creation would be unable to solve any problems, and would not know more than we do.  Therefore, any comfort coming from this god of our own making would be our own wishful thinking.  I would not want to face a crisis like, say, a terminal disease, or even the afflictions I now suffer, if the only god on my side was human-made.  Even our computers would be more useful than a human-made god.

Enjoy effulgent days, and exquisite nights,

unto the exultations of Heaven.