She was crying as she ran into the house…crying as she slammed the door

“They called me ugly, Daddy !” She said…and then she cried some more.


He held her in his arms and as he felt his daughter cry

he thought…some people can be so mean…and he silently wondered why.


Quietly he held her close until her well of tears ran dry

When she looked up he could see a few surviving tears glistening in her eyes.


Then staring at her father she began to speak

“Am I ugly?” She asked as he wiped away the tears still lingering on her cheek.


Whoever said you were ugly…was only trying to me mean…

for I think you’re the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.


Think of all the beautiful people who went into making you…

I see your great grandma’s nose, your grandma’s smile 

and your mother’s eyes of blue.


But I also see past your beautiful nose, your smile and your eyes

I can see into your heart…where your true beauty lies.


Your beauty shows itself to me in oh so many ways

not only do I think your beautiful…but you get more beautiful every day.


Some day you’ll understand, he said, the cruel things people say and do

tell much more about who they are…and nothing about you. 


And as long as you know you’re beautiful…

and you believe that each and every day…

It won’t matter…not one bit…what other people say.


Her tears were now but a memory and a smile returned in her eyes of blue

she whispered, “Thank you, Daddy…I think you’re beautiful too.

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This was just too sweet!

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