There was a time they were too young…too young to understand.

When their parents told them how they lived in the tallest house in all the land


Although they knew their parents to be loving, intelligent and wise

they also knew every house in their neighborhood was exactly the same size.


There came a time…one day when their children heard them say

How their house has grown a little taller than it was just yesterday.


But Mom! Dad! The parents heard their now a little older children say

this house IS exactly the same size that it was just yesterday.


Their parents looked at one another held their hands…and smiled

Then looked into the eyes of each and every child.


No! Today we climbed the tree in our backyard, we tasted sugar cane,

we watched a caterpillar turn into a butterfly…and we played out in the rain.


Every day we are together…our house continues to grow

and today it’s four stories taller now than it was a day ago.


This house has many stories…and each time we add one more

It grows a little taller…without adding another floor.


Every item in this house adds a story…some are simple…some are grand

but they all go in to making this the tallest house in all the land.


When their children grew up and had families of their own

their children also came to understand…

How their families were blessed to be living

In the tallest houses in the land.

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