The world is filled with famous people, they are everywhere we look:

in our movies, on TV, in our newspapers and books


And though we’ve probably never met them, when adieu this world they bid

we’ll remember words they said and we’ll remember things they did.


We’ll remember if they were filled with love…or if hate made their vision blind

We’ll remember if they were compassionate, honest, generous and kind.


We'll remember if they made us smile or if as a rule

they were mean, indifferent, unfair, prejudiced or cruel.


Most of us, however, aren’t famous to the world…

but we are famous to a few…

and so we need to ask:

How do I want to be remembered by the people I’m famous to?


What will they treasure most when I am gone…

when I no longer cease to be?

Will they wear a smile or a frown

when the remember me?

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