A little while ago on my morning walk I wondered, how can this be?

when a black cat came out of the shadows to say hello…to me


Without any inhibitions…in the middle of the street

she ran up and when I looked down…she was purring at my feet.


I bent down to scratch her back…”Hello little kitty." I said.

She mewed her own Good Morning…then let me scratch her head.


We chatted for a while then when there was nothing more to say

I stood up, said “Goodbye…and we both went on our way.


The next morning on my walk I again wondered how can this be

when up ahead…there in the street…that same cat was waiting for me.


This is something I didn’t expect…I could have never foreseen

but when I finally reached her…we followed the day before’s routine.


And now most days there is this black cat…sitting in the middle of the street

patiently waiting for me…and who I always stop to greet.


Most of the cats I see on my walk…when I say ‘hi’ or have a good day

usually act as if I wasn’t there…or deliberately look away.


And I was brought up believing my day would be filled with wrath

if at any time during that day…a black cat crossed my path.


But this little cat has taught me different…though I still don’t know her name

she’s taught me not to judge…for not all cats are the same.


And since I’ve had good luck since meeting her I think it would be fair

not to judge another cat…by the color of their hair.


I think about this at least once a day…when I bend down to greet

and scratch the head and chat a while…with my black cat in the street.

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