As children we believe in the wonder of the Easter Bunny.

We believe in a giant rabbit…gentle and kind

who as we sleep on Easter Eve leaves eggs on the lawn for us to find.


Eggs of different colors…with different stripes and different bands.

We believe he carries all the eggs for all the children of the world

in one basket…with one hand.


As children we believe in the wonder of Santa Claus.

We believe that somehow, magically, as we sleep on Christmas Eve

underneath our Christmas tree…presents he will leave.


We believe in elves…in reindeer that can fly

we believe Santa has a knack

of fitting all the presents for every child of the world

on one sleigh and in one sack.


As children we believe in the wonder of birthdays.

As we sit with a cake in front of us on a dish

We believe in myths and fairy tales…and the magic of a wish.


We believe that on our birthday…all we have to do 

is close our eyes, blow out some candles and our wishes will come true.


Then we grow up and gradually, bit by bit, in a way we don’t even see…

the fantasies of our childhood give way to life’s reality.


And that’s okay…that’s as it should be but as adults we pay a high cost

If, as our fantasies fall by the wayside, our wonder is also lost.


That’s why I still blow out my birthday candles…still with my eyes closed too

for I’ll never stop believing in wishes that come true.


That’s why I still look for presents as Christmas morning dawns

and why I’ll be searching for eggs today hidden somewhere on my lawn.


Because I believe no matter how old we are

it’s the wonders that make us smile…

it’s the wonders that are important 

it’s the wonders that makes life worthwhile.




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Well said!  VERY WELL

Well said!  VERY WELL SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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