What is it about stars that captures our imagination?

Have you ever wondered why 

we are so enamored with that giant Lite-Brite in the sky? 


Why do we find romance and mystery

in those twinkling little beams?

Why do we so easily attach to them

our wishes…

our hopes 

our dreams?


Why do we find so much wonder in their existence?

Why do their beauty we applaud?

Why among them do we create our heavens?

Why is it there we place our Gods?


Could it be when we walk in the night

and see the stars aglow

we realize how tiny we are and all the things we do not know?


Could it be when we look up to the sky at night

and see how she’s star-kissed

it’s easier to believe that beauty

and wonder

and miracles do exist.


Perhaps the stars are here to remind us

even in our darkest night

all we need to do is look up…if we want to see the light.


Or perhaps since imagination is a trait

that is uniquely ours….

It’s not the stars that capture our imagination

It’s our imagination that captures the stars.

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I enjoy poems about the

I enjoy poems about the stars, and I do like this one very much.