After church their daughter ran into the house and maps she began reviewing

Mom and Dad walked over and asked…“what is it you’re doing?”


“I’m looking for the town where God works!” she said as only an innocent child can.

“If I find where he works I can go and see him…because I have a plan”.


“I want to ask him why Grandpa had to die!”…here Mom and Dad were taken aback

“I want to ask him, since he’s God…to bring my Grandpa back”.


“And where do you think God works?” Mom asked as she met her husbands gaze.

“Oh, I don’t think, I know!” she smiled….”Father Joe says he works in Mysterious Ways.”


“I’ve looked all over this map. I’ve looked here and I’ve looked there 

but as for city of Mysterious Ways…I can’t find it anywhere.”


Mom was the first to speak as a smile crossed her face

“Mysterious Ways is how God works.” she said…”It’s not a real place.”


“So where does he live then?” the daughter asked- still not quite sure what they were talking about

“God lives inside everyone of us.” Mom said…”and it’s up to us to invite him out.”


“God is love.” Dad nodded…”God is anyplace where people care,

and if we let him or her into our hearts…God could be everywhere”.


I know it’s hard to understand…and you might think it odd

but anytime you pray you are speaking with your God.


Their daughter thought for a moment then said excitedly…

“So all I have to do is pray and God will bring Grandpa back to me?”


“You can always pray.” Mom said, “for prayers and faith we never lack

but once God has taken someone she doesn’t usually give them back.”


She doesn’t always answer our prayers but I believe one day

she will provide the answers…for that is her mysterious way….


“She’s so young,” Dad said, as that night they watched their daughter dream…

Do you think she understands…this is so much more complicated than it seems.


“Look at that smile on her face .” Mom said 

perhaps it is simpler than it seems

perhaps the town of Mysterious Ways


and Grandpa are alive within her dreams.”

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