There I was at work surrounded by a thousand stories of drama, love and surprise

when one of the greatest love stories I could imagine unfolded before my eyes:



They came into the bookstore…a couple old and grand

wearing smiles across their faces…walking hand in hand.


I noticed as they walked the store…their gait was deliberate and slow

and they continued holding each other’s hands…never letting go.


They came in to browse, get out of the heat…look for a story or two

Before they left they stopped to talk to me…as customers often do.


It was at this moment when we spoke that I quickly came to know

why he held her hand so tight…why he would not let her go.


As he and I talked about the store…(he mentioned it’s a beautiful place)

she held his hand, stared at me…and the smile never left her face.


When she did enter our conversation…gesturing with her other hand

she laughed and giggled and mumbled…but she was hard to understand.


I imagine it was Alzheimers…that was interfering with her style

but it hadn’t yet stolen her desire…or her ability to smile.


I conversed with her as best I could…not understanding most of what she said

which meant a lot of looking into her eyes, smiling and nodding my head.


Before they left…her husband shook my hand and thanked me joyously

“For giving her the same attention,” he said, “that you have given me.”


She waved as they were leaving…her other hand he never dropped

and as they left the store I heard him say…”We’re heading to the ice cream shop.”


She seemed to quiver with excitement…the excitement of a child

then gave one last glance in my direction, waved again…and smiled.


I wonder how much longer they have together…

before Alzheimers makes it’s final stand…

But I like to think whatever happens…


they’ll be forever holding hands…

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