I heard about a miracle the other day that brought a smile to the faces

of anyone who read of it…on Facebook…of all places…


It was a story about a little girl on a ventilator…in a hospital’s ICU

with her family surrounding her…unsure of what to do…


Unsure what was happening…unsure of who or what or when…

Unsure if she could hear them now…or would ever hear again.


When her mom leaned over and whispered into her ear

hoping her message would penetrate every chromosome,

reassuring her daughter that her family would be standing by

until she was ready to come home…


It was here Mom said she felt the faintest pressure 

her daughter’s thumb onto her hand…

just the slightest pressure sending waves

into her mom…across the land…


For anyone out there who read of it

Here’s a little quiz…

If that was not a miracle…please tell me then…

what is?


Sometimes I am amazed in life

how miracles overlap

for that same day we saw a baby

lying in his father’s lap.


We spoke to the young couple for a while

remembering how fast our children and grandchildren have grown

remembering back to when we were blessed

with miracles of our own…


And I couldn’t help thinking about miracles

how in our lives they play a roll

how perhaps they’re always near us

in the silence of our souls…


And how it’s true some miracles we experience 

may be sent from up above…

But I also believe some miracles


float in on the wings of love.

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That's a beautiful story and so nicely penned. Miracles are always happening if we just look around. 

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