While on vacation in Georgia…doing our camping thing

we heard a Medieval tale…of the one they call the Donut King.


This was not a Donut Earl or Duke or Viscount of whom the people sing

no these tales told of donuts made in Alabama…by a King.


They spoke of donuts so delectable …so mouthwatering and light…

that people travel from the 4 corners of the world…just to have a bit.


So we rose early one morning…as curious adventurers are wont to do

and we traveled back in time (1 hour) to Alabama

to see if these tales were true.


We saw the sign and immediately…then we stopped and parked the car.

The Donut King’s castle was old and weathered…as sometimes castles are.


But once inside the aroma engulfed us

and we thought of all the donut places we have roamed…

here in Eufaula, Alabama…our donut lust has found a home.


When the fair maiden behind the counter found out it was our first time

her smile met our gaze

then she handed us a free sample…still warm and dripping with glaze.


Deborah and I looked at each other and together we both knew it….

This was the best donut we ever tasted…

only I forgot to chew it.


We began ordering donuts quickly…now in Medieval donut heaven

and when we finally looked inside the box…we ended up with seven.


We took them to the parking lot and as we ate them we started to sing….

realizing here in Alabama…we were in the presence of the king.




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