Have you ever wondered as we find ourselves 

on this rotating floating sphere…

What in the world is our purpose?

What are we doing here?


Are we here to be wicked to one another…

or to be kind, compassionate and fair?

Are we here to think only of ourselves…

or are we here to be generous and share?


Are we here to fight with one another…

in the air, on the land and sea?

or are we here to live together…

in peace…and harmony?


Are we here to suffer…to hate…to frown…

or do we have a choice?

A choice to cherish one another…

to love…to smile…rejoice? 


Are we here to be gentle or cruel…honest or deceitful?

Are we here to take or are we here to give?

If we weren’t created here merely to die…

then we must be here to live.


To live on this planet soaring through the heavens 

adrift in time and space,

to live together as one people…

to make this world a better place….


To come to the realization

our one intention…one goal…one aim

is to be happy and make other people happy

For in the end…they’re both the same.



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