As I’ve watch people give and take advice here is something I’ve perceived…

Advice needs to be sincere when it is given and humble when it’s received.


I believe advice should cascade from ones lips like a snowfall to the young

Drifting gently from above so they can catch some flakes upon their tongue. 


I create these little poems each day… I let them soar as each day dawns

and sometimes I am pleasantly surprised how far these rhymes have gone.


I recently received a comment from South Africa…a request to be precise

from a little boy who wants to be a poet… and who asked for my advice.


I wanted my advice to be, for him, both useful and appealing

So I told him poetry is when you paint with words

to express what you are feeling.


I told him to keep a notebook by his side

and when something elicits in him a smile or a frown

To take it out…open it up and write that feeling down.


And then I told him just to write…to write religiously…

The words that pour from out his heart…will be is his poetry.


He wrote back to say ‘thank you’

and I wondered in one so young…

how many of my words drifted down

and landed on his tongue.



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