He wrote her a host of love songs…sweet words he would employ

that showed her what was in his heart…that filled her heart with joy.


He loved to make his words dance… he loved to make her see

how his love could flow from out his heart…into a melody.


She wished she could write him a love song…oh, the words she would employ

to show him what was in her heart…to fill his heart with joy.


But she could not make her words dance…she would never make him see…

for the words in her heart would not flow out…into a melody.


She told him of her wishes…and how she agonized…

She said she was sorry that she failed…and she apologized.


He smiled as he took her in his arms saying…”You could not be more wrong,

for every day we are together…you’re writing our love song”.


“Your love song has it’s own expression…it’s own spirit… it’s own style…”

“Your words are in your tenderness…your music’s in your smile.” 


“I don’t know how you do it,” he said,

“but you somehow find a way…

to add a different melody

to our love song…

every day.”


Their eyes met as they’ve done a million times before

and once again they were entranced…

Then right there on the water’s edge…


they both began to dance.

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