Last night I watched the full moon rise

as night replaced the day

and as she slowly rose above the trees

she took my breath away.


Two dogs running just out of reach

looked up as they played among the dunes.

Two lovers walking along the beach…

paused a moment to swoon.


And I thought how lucky I am to be standing here

watching the moon in awe,

standing neath a sky so clear…

under the same moon my ancestors saw.


And I though that moon’s been around since before time began

ushering in every nightfall

and how that same moon admired by animal, woman and man

shall endure…outliving us all.


This morning I watched the fading moonlight

as night returned control to the day

and as I watched her slowly drift out of sight

she again took my breath away.


For once again I was reminded how life is fleeting

how it’s up too us to make each moment last

to do something each moment worth repeating

before the moment slips into the past…


To fill our days with surprises…

remembering life is but a momentary vignette…

and we only have a handful of moonrises…

and only a handful of moonsets.



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