It’s during the simple moments when we first feel it…

when the seed of love begins to bloom…

It’s the first time your eyes find each other 

across a crowded room.


It’s how a touch, a caress or a simple kiss

can make your insides spin…

It’s holding hands not knowing where your hand ends

or where his hand begins.


It’s feeling how well you fit together

the moments you embrace…

It’s immediately knowing something’s wrong

by the look upon her face.


It’s remembering like it was yesterday

the day you both walked down the aisle.

It’s how, when you close you’re eyes and think of him…

It tends to make you smile.


It’s accepting each other for who you are 

It’s enduring any type of weather

It’s when you know what the other is thinking 

It’s growing old together…


We don’t fall in love expecting every moment to be perfect 

for that would be bizarre…

But we do fall in love with the anticipation

there will be many moments that are…


I believe everyone has experienced these simple moments

when the seeds of love were sown…

Perhaps now is a good time to take a moment 


and celebrate some simple moments of your own

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