He heard tales of the sage’s ancient wisdom…and, possessed with discontent,

he climbed to the top of the mountain…in search of enlightenment.


“I come in search of happiness”, he said, “for myths and fables have deluded me.”

“You see I’ve been searching all my life…yet true happiness has eluded me.”


They sat in silence until nightfall…until he could wait no more

“Please,” he asked the wise one…”what are we waiting for?”


The sage pointed up at a shooting star saying, “If you want to find your mirth

seek and return to me with that star…that star that fell to Earth.”


He smiled as he handed the man a journal…”And if I may suggest

while you’re searching for that star…keep a record of your quest.”


As he descend the mountain he made his first entry into his journal:

‘and he calls himself a muse!’

But then thinking why he came to the mountain he wrote, ‘what have I to lose?’


So off he went to find the star…he traveled day and night

And whenever he stopped to rest a while…in his journal he would write…


He wrote of the beauty of the land he saw, of all the animals he’d greet.

He wrote of winter snows and summer rains and how the flowers smelled so sweet.


He wrote of rainbows, sunsets, singing birds, of how the trees in the wind would sway

He wrote of the kindness of the different people he’d meet along the way.


He wrote of adventures he had in every town…in every city…in every place…

and as we wrote of his experiences a smile would cross his face.


He fell in love with a woman in one town…where they created a family they both adored

and though he continued to write in his journal every day…

he forgot what he was searching for…


Years later after his children were grown he said to his wife…”We have to go

back to the mountain and the wise one I left so many years ago.”


“I promised him I’d return one day…just as he commanded.

I hope he won’t be disappointed when I return to him empty handed.”


The wise man smiled as he remembered him and said…

“It appears you have traveled far…

you have finally returned as you said you would…

and I see you brought the star.”


The man seem puzzled for a moment…

then thinking of his years of travel and love and parenthood

clutched his journal and his wife’s hand…then smiled…

for at last he understood. 



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