The children’s choir was standing by…waiting for their cue to sing

When one little girl began to feel the music…and immediately started to swing.


The other children stood straight and tall…pictures of solemnity and grace

But when the music enveloped this one little girl…joy lit up her face.


And then came the transformation…it started in her feet…

they started moving on their own…tapping to the beat.


It quickly moved up to her hips for the more the music played

Her hands began to move and clap and those hips…began to sway.


The other children concentrated on their singing…

none of them gave this girl a glance 

She didn’t seem to notice her choir mates either 

as she sang and bobbed and danced.


There is beauty in the fluid way the music entered this girls soul

and transformed her simple two step into full-blown rock and roll.


In a time when bloodshed, hatred and evil seems excessively intense

It’s nice to remember the charm and the purity of a child’s wide-eyed innocence.


It’s nice to remember the America we love…it’s nice to take the chance


to ignore the suffering…for a little while…and watch a little girl dance.

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Hahaha! Sometimes you gotta

Hahaha! Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.. DANCE!! Beautiful work honey