When it comes to being happy…I have an opinion to express…

We tend to search for magic moments…to ensure our happiness. 


We hope for these magic moments…to be like the ones in storybooks

but in so doing, I believe, there are moments we overlook…


Take last week for instance:


While on a morning walk with Deborah I found a penny…and picked it up!

We greeted Murphy, our friend’s dog, who, though humongous, is still a pup.


We saw a rainbow spread across the sky as we walked along the beach.

I talked to Ali on the phone. 

I ate the most delicious peach.


I heard my favorite song on the radio. 

I saw a butterfly in our back yard.

A red headed woodpecker came to our feeder. 

We taught a friend a game of cards.


We had dinner with the grandkids- we ate our usual…tuna melts.

At last count I hugged eleven people, I can’t express how good that felt.


We had our August family birthday party…we ate pizza, brownies and key lime pie.

We shared a few hours of games and laughter. 

It’s always hard to say goodbye…



These moments may not seem so magical when all is said and done

but I can tell you from where I stood…there was magic in every one…


I believe I’ve mentioned this many times in these rhymes I’ve been completing…

but there are certain epiphanies in life…that truly bear repeating:


When we search for happiness in only magic moments…

we will find happiness to be as elusive as it is rare…

But if we search for the the magic in every moment…


We will discover our happiness there.

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