When we are young it’s easy…we can’t make a mistake.

If we want to know how old we are…we count the candles on our cake.


As we grow older, we still have candles, but when it comes to the amount…

unlike when we were children…we pay less attention to the count.


Joy becomes more important than time…within our heart and head

So we stop counting up the years…and count our happiness instead.


When we look back on old memories, of ourselves…our friends and family members

It's not the age we think about…it’s the happiness we remember.


Oh we may be sad a moment…thinking time has moved too fast..

Sad, not because we’re older…but because that moment’s passed.


But sadness quickly turns to joy when we realize…however,

Although time goes by so quickly…our memories last forever.


Now I smile when I celebrate a birthday…or look at old photographs again..


For I know how happy I am now…and how happy I was then.

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