Our world is varied and diverse

A fact that needs no concealing…

In fact the fact we are so different

It’s what makes us so appealing.


Take our accents: French is so romantic, English…always in vogue

Italian has a seductiveness…but I prefer a Scottish brogue.


We all have different tastes in music…different hopes and dreams and fears.

We like different ice creams, books and paintings

different T.V. shows…different beers.


We have different tastes in toothpaste…I prefer mine in a gel,

We choose different foods and different tacos…I prefer a softer shell.


We own different pets, live in different houses, wash with different soaps, different shampoos.

We wear different clothes, own different socks…wear different underwear…different shoes.


Some of us love circuses. Some of us hate clowns

We even have different views on toilet paper…

Some face it up...some down?


When you look at a world as diverse as ours what truly makes us strong

is that we can disagree on the things we like

yet somehow get along.


So it makes me wonder:


In a world as varied and wonderful as ours

where we have different favorite movies...favorite songs

why can’t we believe in different Gods


yet, somehow get along?

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