Nightmare Nonsense

My heart is full of love,

Although it is 4.15;

O voices from above,

Whatever can they mean?

Tis the middle of the night,

I’m feeling kind of blue;

I couldn’t sleep tonight,

Does it have something to do with you?

Or was it aching pain,

That goes from ear to ear;

A nightmare (kind of dream…)

That made me full of fear.

So I’ve wandered down the stairs

To listen to some Chopin

To soothe away my fears…

(I’m glad I did that shopping!)

The music’s rather soothing

It’s soothing on the ears

It washes away that horrid dream

And all of its silly fears.

Yesterday has long since gone

Tomorrow is now here

Much the same that could be said

Of another memorable year.

So I will have another go

At going back to bed;

Although I sometimes wish that things

Were rather more blue than red.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Things you might like to know. I am suffering ear-ache. I did some shopping yesterday. Memorable year is extreme sarcasm. 07 brought me precious little. Rather more white than black or black than white... the red/blue is to complete the rhyme and has nothing to do with politics (or anything) it is just poetic license.

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The Sweet Algolagniac's picture

I was the first person EVER to hear this great poem of yours, as you put it up at 4.30-ish am whilst we were talking on YM - I feel honoured to have had the privilege to be the first to read some of your works!

You were right, even when awake at hideous times you still don't lose that amusing humour of yours - well done! I always laugh at your humourous poems, so they achieve that aim (if that is indeed one of the aims of them). They also acheive the aim of making the reader feel able to relate to what you are saying - I especially relate to this one... being awake at 4.15, the voices from above, and the 'memorable' year, amongst other things mentioned (altho this year actually HAS been one of my most memorable years, for many reasons). I hope 2008 will be a better, more interesting and MEMORABLE year for you.
And I hope you get some bloody SLEEP!

Talk again soon, 'night-morning',

luv from 'leesh, the sweet algolagniac xxx