I am consumed by the disease of self consciousness.
I am unable to breathe or think or move.
Sometimes I can’t even speak,
I’m paralyzed in my mind.
Is there no cure in sight?
Will I ever be able to get past this dreadful hold?
Or am I doomed to live out my life,
Not being able to freely express myself without debating every single move I make.
I know others suffer my fate, yet I feel so hopelessly alone.
I yern so bad to be free,
Free of my mind, free of the fears.
Free of the social paralysis that keeps me from being me.
Outside I put on the facade of cool and relaxed,
But inside I’m screaming for acceptance.
If only you could read my thoughts..

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I love this it's like wow I know your feeling
I hope you can find a light in this world of darkness