Terribly Confusing

I'm so totally not in control

I have no idea what I am doing

Running around like a mad man

I guess this is what I get in the end

Burn the candle down to the bottom

Light the wick only when you need

Kill the lights now, everything's failing

I want you to lay there while I bleed...

Start the engine now I want to go with you

I feel the need to lose everything again

Tell me the truth, what are you thinking?

Am I still the first thought to pop into your head?

Take a picture, memory's fading

I want for all of this to last

God gave me a heart and it's yours for the taking

Just give me a minute of your time and hold on tight

Swerving corners like a straight-away

I never know I could go this fast

Look in the mirrors and I see your face

So I look in my van at the passenger's seat and think of the past

Back when the world wasn't so terribly confusing

Back when I felt I had control

Now it is your time that I am wanting

And I know this can't possibly be me in control

Maybe we both know what we're doing

I'm falling behind while you're forging ahead

You see the best in everything, but so do I

That's why I haven't yet begun to cry or wonder why?

I hate the confusion, and I hate this place

I'm over two-hundred fucking miles away

I'd rather be nearer so I could touch you

I want you to know, that I long to see your face

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Well, for Christine...but other than that, I don't knwo what to say...it's titled "terribly confusing" because that's just what this situation is.  But I know I want to see u this week so I know and you know everything about how we feel...so this isn't so terribly confusing anymore.

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