'13 Can I See It?



"I despise how the weather changes in a relationship

Thunder transmits the split as I submit to this shit"


I recall giving her everything from the start

My heart reminisces being a work of art

The biggest mistake for a human being

but I was stupid because I was not seeing

I could write about the crap we went through

or whine about the things you never knew

You just never took the time to really pick me up

to read between the lines to find out what was up

At times I would hand you my intimate secrets

But like a page, you tore me to shreds instead


In your eyes I was nonsense,

Or in your words…useless.


"NO woman has ever achieved to fill my heart

They've tried, given up, or refused to take part.

What a lonely creature I became in need of whole

When I thought she was there, she was just cold

We all have our issues which need love to be fixed

Yet the love that seeks me, leaves me eclipsed

I whine and I admit I fail from time to time

I just wish there was someone I could call mine

I stand when I can defending whomever I have

But how can I If I will never meet my other half"


Vice versa, we come and go

growing old…crumbling alone


Here I am unparalleled in thoughts of my pain

Usually scaring as the norm smirk an laugh away


"I gave you this piece of me without promise

I took a chance but you decided to dismiss

My heart had a lock at one point

I gave you the key to my world of love

There was enough room for you to breathe

But in the end, you just decided to leave

I was wrong

She was not one to belong

It used to be a very clean room

Now ransacked and full of gloom

There once was life in this little world

now anguished by some turbulent girl..."



"You were the ink for my pen

The density for my pencil

Together we were suppose to write

Together as one, publishing our life

I guess it started of as a masterpiece

till you turned it into a massacre piece."


©David Joel Rodriguez


Author's Notes/Comments: 

...just another rant...

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ljmills's picture

Not another rant at all. It

Not another rant at all.

It was heartfelt.

Beautiful but so sad.


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As I read it for the third time, it managed to somehow make me laugh at the end :-)

"You think Einstein walked around thinking everyone was a bunch of dumb-shits?"