'13 Head Shot



"Stop your hatred can't you see

Your thoughts have butchered every part of me"


Please don't force me to your treats

My blood can only hold so many sweets

Take me taste me everywhere

Your lust manipulates this love affair

If I lick you once again

You may cease to be my everyday friend

As sweet as this brush will be

I don't believe your heart will favor me


Simple gestures rip clothes off

No turning back for our skin has crossed

Overpowering fire kiss

Stirs the toppings of our sweaty skin

Plunging deep into your cave

Our friction plays a melody we crave

Nails dig deep inside of me

Blood flows passionately into a spree


Rush sneaks up upon my veins

Yet I feel I'm being held by your chains

Arms wrapped up around your frame

Perspiration overflows this old flame

You tighten close to my feel girth

Throbs of pleasure wow and howl what it's worth

Liquids flirt and detonate

A never meant to deeply love you fate


This lust slowly fades away

Risky desire had come into play

Touched a spot I shouldn't have

Causing whoa's and moans to widen my staff

This mix we have will soon end

These moisture blends will have to apprehend

Even though we're touched within

It's become a very sensitive sin


"Since you know what won't kill me

I'll pass this life in taste of your goodies"




©David Joel Rodriguez

Author's Notes/Comments: 

...thats not lipstick!

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Speechless! Phew! Lucky lady.

Speechless! Phew!

Lucky lady.