'13 FeatherWeight

Yet another day that I have to wait
Time goes slow, alone by the gate

Sun shines away at my face all day
Still, I would burn no matter the pain

My eyes leaked, thinking of your heat
I sigh and smile as I slowly breathe...

"Thoughts emerged of a time we had
We laid by the river on morning grass
Calming streams revealed our moods
and pounding hearts would soon subdue"

I glanced all around, awaiting my love
A soothing angel from way up above

Such a tenderness awakens my soul
Enlightened feeling and yours to control

This love that I feel is taking over me
This passion you offered I can now see

"Where are you that you are still not here?

This feeling must be shared and endeared

Thoughts slowly fade as I feel your fingertips
...You face me as I graciously circle your lips"

As I think of you with my hands behind my head

My eyes glazed unread towards the sad sunset

I refused to dry my tears for each meant emptiness

So I drained until it was time for me to reassess

I finally realized why I cried when I was very sad

Being my distraction, you were the best I ever had


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ljmills's picture

Mr R....you have such a

Mr R....you have such a descriptive way with words.

I could almost feel the sun on my face and the sadness in your thoughts.

Another wonderful poem.