'13 Troubled Soul



Weary thoughts became some sort of smile

I could never turn it completely upside down

oh yes... but the sweet surprise

I just ran to my shadow

I looked around for awhile

my thoughts never came down

I felt the glisten in my eyes

I knew I was hitting my low


The safest I have ever been

It is to be in my world

hurt was overrated

yet pain was inevitable

so may things I want to see

my mind is getting old

everything I have ever stated

Is now and forever irreparable


I hide an fix what I can when I can

this disturbance will never go away

Someone is always looking for me

They know exactly where to look

Someday I will leave with a plan

just to make these thoughts go away

some people just can not see

that I am just an open book


I smile again by myself in the dark

hoping to vent at a silhouette

I know I am alone

yet I know someone is listening

whatever it is, I dont want to be a part

I feel like I am the threat

Even in this world I own

I still can not find my meaning


So I begin to smile once again

hoping to leave my little darkness

waiting for that special light

someone to wake me up from this place

Hoping to put an end

clear me of this crazy mess

a smile and kiss before goodnight

sharing their comfort and how to embrace


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It's beautiful Mr R.  Not

It's beautiful Mr R. 

Not nonsense at all.