'13 A Social Emotional Plethora



I never asked you to leave

but you were always on your social network

I never asked for anything else

I loved you with whatever I had left


You never talked to me in person

you refused to communicate

I tried with you everyday

but you ran

you conversed with cyber friends instead

more than me instead

I was nothing when I spoke

just a hopless waste of breathe


you kept to yourself after awhile

you never saw me till the end

but in the end I realized

I was just a mental friend




...a social network is a place to meet friends, mingle

or blah blah rejoin, rekindle...the social network is 

not your friend...The social network is a back stabber,

a "faithful cyber friend" yet, a relationship devastator...


You chose your way

you decided what to do

and that path you chose 

what a social network


I could not keep you away

you communicated more with them instead

you shared your life with them

more than share your life with ME!


you could have said it to my face

miserly posting it instead

that you were going to leave me

enviously shared it with the rest




I had never seen you so happy

like the day we first met...

where did It go wrong

you could have talked to me









I lived with you

I loved with you


You lived with me

You loved with me


but the love I gave you was not enough

you wanted more

a love that was taken from me

...long ago




Author's Notes/Comments: 



...on a side note... 


"...Just because I unfriend you doesn't mean I'm not your friend...

Maybe, I just don't want to know what you are eating every second."

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God I'd lke to give her a

God I'd lke to give her a piece of my mind!