'13 My Potato


Well, what do you know...the day has come

Toys have gone...videogames, here I come!
Growing and growing...fulfilling every year
Playing and tumbling...living with cheer
Your nights become longer, on summer days
Indulging your chocolates and sweet cookie glaze
Infinite activities fall day and night as you embrace
Cause your joyous day, falls on none school days
My oh my...where has your precious time gone?
Days end with your smile...followed by a yawn
Today you have finally reached your double digits
Away from toys and in with technologies' widgets
This day has finally come and till next year you wait
But next year won't stop you from extra ice cream and cake!
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Happy Birthday my son! 



your Daddy

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ljmills's picture

I hope C had a lovely

I hope C had a lovely birthday with his dad.

Beautiful poem Mr R.

Loved it. x

bishu's picture

What a lovely ode to your son Mr Joel Sir

What a lovely ode to your son Mr Joel.Sir.. Hearty congratulations Sir... 



Joel's picture


Thank you so much Bishu!! That means a lot.



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