'13 Unfurl





Slowly have I drifted down the familiar road

Floating in the direction my blood will flow

Every nights a mess of shivering skin

Polluted by a dystopian world we live in

I hate what I do but, seem to do it any way

The night creeps away forcing another day

These lingering thoughts I can not dispose

Everyday I lived wondering if anyone knows

The pain I pathetically inflict is a memory of you

A heart you depleted and decided to screw

How much more can I take, I can't live anymore

I am lost...I am drained, appearing to be no more

How much more can I whine or can I even say

You know you've already taken everything away

I drip my final drops of sanity on maroon floors

A familiar road I chose hoping one day to ignore

Still the blade plays that forgotten sad song

Still the blade recalls that I am doing wrong


"Why couldn't you just leave me alone...?

I was just a lonely seed,

smothered by earth..."


"Why couldn't you just leave me alone...?

Dry and dying in peace...

and you just had to add water..."






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running_with_rabbits's picture

its been too long since I have been here....

I love how you rhymed in this but i didn't notice until you stopped! well done! I tend to get thrown off by rhyming these days but you did it o smoothly!


as for the story behind the poem,I really hope you have cheered up my dear!

Much Love


ljmills's picture

This breaks my heart Mr R. So

This breaks my heart Mr R.

So sad.

Life goes on...move on for your own sake.

There is someone out there for you...you just have to find her.


running_with_rabbits's picture


I like you!

Much Love